Self-tagging, and hippie bird day to ataniell93

I shan’t reveal her age, but I shall say that for the next year it is, in fact, All About Her. :D

Anyway, she asked those who wished to self-tag themselves to her latest meme so do. I therefore so do.

It’s easy enough–whither comest your LJ name?

Mine came from two related sources and one unexpected weblink click that collided one fine Labor Day weekend in 1996 in Minneapolis. ‘trdsf‘ stands for The Rev. Dr. Sherwood Forrester.

“Sherwood Forrester” originally came about from the host segments I wrote for me and dragonscholar‘s MSTing of Batman Forever, as the long-lost twin brother of our dear Dr. Clayton Forrester–identical in all respects save electric blue where Clayton is electric green. Sherwood came and went through a couple MSTings (including my still-unfinished Ratliff porno MSTing… I mean, wow).

Flash forward to the MST3K ConventioCon Expo Fest-O-Rama II Electric Boogaloo. It’s… oh, Monday morning, I think. I and a fellow MSTie are chatting outside the prop display room, when who do we see but Trace Beaulieu, and there’s no horde of fellow fen around! We have him all to ourselves!

So Trace and I have the following exchange, shaking hands all the while:

Me: I just wanted to say thank you…

Trace: Well, thank you very much.

Me: …and good luck in the future…

Trace: Thank you, thank you.

Me: …and can I have your old job now?

Trace: (throwing his head back roaring with laughter) Sure!!

From then on, my online identity moved from the previous ‘ikaros’ (still extant in my email address, and evolved from my old VAX handle at Wooster) to ‘The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester’–I tacked on the “Rev” part because I had recently clicked a button on the Universal Life Church website and found myself ordained–because Trace said so. ;)

Feel free to self-tag yourselves with this meme. I know where several came from, have a good guess at others, and have no clue on some of y’all. :)


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  1. nsingman on

    It’s hard to believe that it was almost ten years ago! Trace seemed to be everywhere that weekend, and was so great with everyone that it made his leaving the show even harder to take.

    • Ten years ago this summer, yeah… maybe we should all get together up there on the anniversary, invite all the Brains… :D

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