Oh, and today’s doomsday.

In case you missed it. How are things on the East Coast?

EDIT: I’m getting reports that people are unable to connect to the site. Try this link? I dunno, it comes right up for me, either one.

EDIT EDIT: Thanks to soundwave106 and the fact that the Internet never really throws anything away, it’s here.


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  1. the_dark_snack on

    400 error in link.

  2. jayteeone on

    Bad Request (Invalid Hostname)

    This is all I got.

  3. Wow, that’s weird. It comes right up for me. Apparently, this guy is smoking the same stuff as Pat Robertson, and I quote:

    “I have received information psychically, which is corroborated by scientific data, according to which on May 25, 2006 a giant tsunami will occur in the Atlantic Ocean, brought about by the impact of a comet fragment which will provoke the eruption of under-sea volcanoes. Waves up to 200 m high will reach coastlines located above and below the Tropic of Cancer. However, all of the countries bordering the Atlantic will be affected to greater or lesser destructive and deadly levels. This site is dedicated to life, to civic responsibility and to information. There is still time to save lives. Thanks for participating in the world-wide alert!” — Eric Julien

    UPDATE MAY 25, 2006:

    According to informed sources, contacts in the American intelligence services confirm the existence of a time window of 48 hours, centered on May 25th at midnight GMT, for the impact a comet fragment south of the Azores.

    This information corroborates information of an evacuation exercise of the U.S. Congress to occur later in the day of May 25th, information which reached us this morning.

    As a measure of precaution, I suggest the authorities do the utmost to protect the populations of the Atlantic coastlines. — Eric Julien

    This is a guy who also believes that nuclear tests are annoying aliens in a parallel dimension.

  4. soundwave106 on

    It looks like the poor embarassed nut took down the link. Dotcache has it.

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