Upcoming monster movie… with a personal touch!

Oh, this is gonna be a multi-post day all day…

I’d get The Abominable… anyway, even if my cousin wasn’t in it. Apparently, the MSTie mindset is genetic, and on my maternal grandmother’s side… (heh, that side of the family has several MSTies, not just me).

Synopsis: A 60′ abominable snowman invades San Francisco. That goes on my DVD rack the day it comes out. Ya gotta see the trailer. :)

EDIT: This is not the same as the SciFi movie ‘Abominable’ which I guess just aired recently.


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  1. the_dark_snack on

    I saw previews for that during Doctor Who. I think it’s on SciFi this weekend.

    • Different movie. That was “Abominable” (which, according to all reports I’ve had so far, lived up to its name). This one hasn’t been released yet. But there is a trailer!

      I better note that in the main message…

  2. tharain on

    That looks scary bad. Very. Scary.

    • Yeah. I gotta have it. :D

      • tharain on

        My flick is going to be no budget, but we’re HIGHLY campy about it, and don’t take ourselves remotely seriously.

        This flick SO takes itself seriously. I mean, come on. Pale King Kong on the Transamerica Pyramid???

        You MUST have a MyST party for it when you get it.

        The bad guy’s kinda hot, though, as is the pretty boy.

        • I’m relieved that neither of them is my cousin. :)

          • tharain on


            You’d not be cool with me thinking your cousin’s hot??

            Le. SIGH.


            • No. I’d not be cool with having a hot cousin because that means I couldn’t perv on him. XD

              • tharain on

                Oh, perv away! Cousins are fair game. It’s reproductive cousins that have to worry. ::evil grin:: One of my cousins, when he was sixteen and I was seventeen, was beautiful beyond belief, and totally straight.

                I am, you see, am the only homo of my — or any — generation in my family. A true sport. No idea where it came from.

                • Not me. My mom’s older brother was Family. Can’t speak to anything earlier than that, and there’s no one else that I’m aware of in the current mob. I’m sufficiently certain that my grandma’s oldest brother was *not*, tho, so that breaks the chain. Remains to be seen about my sister’s kids. ;)

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