Goodbye, and fore, and filkertom is scarier than we thought.

First, a brief pause in memory of animation/comic great Alex Toth who, perhaps fittingly, passed away at his drawing board on Saturday morning. Just to name a few: Jonny Quest. Space Ghost. Herculoids. Birdman and the Galaxy Trio. Samson and Goliath. Hats off.

Anyway. Tomorrow, Tuesday and Wednesday is my annual pilgrimage to the local Holy Land: Muirfield Village Golf Course, and the practice rounds for The Memorial Tournament. It’s my chance to be surrounded by several thousand white Republicans all going “ssssh!” I guess Tiger won’t be there this year–still dealing with the loss of his dad, poor guy. That’s something all the money in the world can’t help with. I remember in 2000, when Jack himself was the honoree. His father had passed away in 1970, and during his speech, he said, “I was asked this week what event I most wish my dad had been there for. I said this one, because then he’d’ve been there for all of them,” with a crack in the voice that made it clear that even thirty years doesn’t dull some hurts.

Coincidentally, I talked to my dad today–he was thinking about coming down for the practice rounds, but he won’t be able to make it this year. Grandma’s not feeling well, so Dad’s going to take her to see the doctor. He thinks it’s not anything specific, it’s just that she’s 92.

Anyway again, about filkertom being dangerous and all. We have my roommate’s son this weekend. C.J.’s eleven, a real trip. I’m watching a Cosmos DVD, and Sagan is describing the course of evolution. They show a prehistoric squid on screen.

C.J. immediately pipes up with o/` He’s Space Squid, and he’s coming here to save the world! o/`

He’s heard “The 24 Hour Project” once.

The question is now–who’s scarier? Tom, for writing a brain-eater… or C.J., for bringing it back up on one hearing many months ago?


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