Never, never try to upstage a professional.

So I’m on a listserv for fans of Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, and we’re talking about what kinds of weird things (weird by our standards) we have in our DVD collections.

I mention that probably the weirdest thing I collect are golf movies, and not just ones like Caddyshack and Tin Cup and Happy Gilmore, but ones like Follow the Sun and Bagger Vance and Greatest Game Ever Played.

I suggest that what I need to complete my DVDs is a sci-fi monster golf movie.

Enter Michael Schlesinger, the Sony guy who saw Lost Skeleton and decided that they needed to distribute it.

Said he, and I quote: “Great idea! We can call it THE BOGEY MAN!”

I just can’t believe I never thought of that…


4 comments so far

  1. filkertom on

    Putter you than me. Although that was birdie obvious.

    • Okay, now I’m gettin’ teed off. Are you going to club me with more golf puns until you drive me crazy? If so, be fore-warned, I might try to wedge a few in myself…

  2. dragonscholar on

    . . . and this listserv is?

    • A Yahoo group, actually… it’s here. A few of the LSoC/TotSF cast and crew members hang out there, and it appears that several of the others lurk.

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