Just… ow.

The only difference between George W. Bush and Fred Phelps is Phelps attends servicemen’s funerals.

cashewlou found this quote, but doesn’t have an attribution for it. The only alteration I made is removing “Rev.” from in front of Phelps’ name. He doesn’t deserve it.

Meanwhile, someone else pointed out that The Idiot is doing his part, by providing the bodies.


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  1. bass_o_matic on

    It appears that everywhere is suffering from idiots. Our Resident Idiot here in Australia is John Howard. He appears to be pretty much Bush in rodent form, and he makes policy decisions for all of us that make us more of a target.

    The policies of this government are so similar to the US, I find it strange that the US hasn’t annexed us at just another American state.


    • Well, we have to get Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan from Canada first. What we’re hoping for–barring further election fraud–is that the midterm elections this year will oust The Idiot’s party from power so we can star investigating him, halting his policies, and otherwise making life hell for him.

      …let me see if I have this right: In Australia, the Liberal Party is actually conservative. Ow.

      • bass_o_matic on

        Politics in this country are strange. The division between the Liberal and Labour parties is now so blurred they are almost the same at a Federal level. The policies of both parties are pretty much the same.

        The really weird thing is that the Federal Government is Liberal, but all of the state governments are Labour!

        That said, I am still reeling from the fact that we voted in a homphobic, conservative, lying rodent that wants to take Australia back to the 1950s. Some of the legislation that is being passed is constitutionally questionable, but we are powerless to stop it since we gave John “Dubya” Howard the majority is both the upper and lower houses.

        We need our collective heads read I think.

        • Lucky you. I think our Idiot-In-Chief wants to take us back to the 1650s… the Inquisition and everything. Sheesh.

          And you have the advantage of not having a nuclear button your idiot can push… like ours wants to.

          • bass_o_matic on

            Yes. Although the Idiot-In-Chief is being advised by a very dangerous group of individuals. The Neo-Conservative brand of Straussian philosophy and politics has to be effectively disabled. I could be wrong, but getting rid of The Idiot is not the solution – disabling the underlying Neo-Con. pack animals needs to happen first.

            • Very, very true… although removing The Idiot would go a long way that way. They haven’t really anyone else who can put an even remotely affable face on their movement. Rumsfeld? Rice? Cheney? Wolfowitz? Not a chance.

              I don’t understand *why* anyone thinks that smirking chimp seems like a “nice guy”. I have to change the channel whenever he’s on TV–I can’t stand to hear his whiny voice spewing more lies, and it pains me to think that so many of my fellow countrymen are so *stupid* to fall for him.

              • bass_o_matic on

                Manipulation of the electorate, generally. I am always confused with the American system of the “Electoral College”. To me it seems to be a system of governance that just asks to be subverted in some way.

                Politicians here used to redraw electoral boundaries (gerrymandering) to influence the vote. The last American election seemed to punt on the religious vote as well. I had to laugh when Michael Moore failed to oust the Idiot, and the day after the election had redrawn the map of the US. It had the United States of Canada, and and entire swathe of the US was called “Jesusville”.

                Richard, a friend of mine in the US got so depressed by it all, he moved to Paris. :-)

                • Moore gets the credit for the Jesusland map a lot, but it really wasn’t him. And I’m looking at moving to Canada, if I can get a job there. In the interim, I’ll muddle through in a leftish enclave here. :)

                  Anyway, the electoral college. When the Constitution was written, the simple fact is, the framers really didn’t have complete faith in the American voter–at that time, only white men age 21 and older. The electoral college is really designed to put a brake on popular and populist passions. The thinking of the framers was that electors would actually be chosen by state governments, and there is to this day no Constitutional requirement that they be chosen on the basis of a statewide poll.

                  Yeah. It’s crazy. We don’t actually elect the president… we elect the people who will elect the president, and not one American in a thousand could name a single elector, I’d bet. I can’t, and I’m a politics junkie.

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