Updating the meme, and further news.

The 25 Song Meme proceedeth apace. I had to go back and change a judge’s decision on #21, which means afeldspar, ataniell93 and cashewlou each have two tags, and one each for billfl, tchall, thattallguy201 and the_dark_snack.

Meanwhile, I was told Wednesday that there is “virtually no chance” I can’t get the Calltech job I applied for, the interviewer referred to my second interview as ‘a chance to meet your new co-workers and decide if you really want to be here’ and mentioned that there are promotion and transfer opportunities at 30 and 90 days… and that he expects I’ll be transferred to programming and special projects on day 90. Woo. So maybe my Calltech experience won’t be the same as everyone else I know who worked there–they have a turnover rate that is best visually compared to Niagara Falls.

Pay sucks at the outset, but I expect to move up quickly, seeing as how I have, like, an actual call center certification and have done the job before. :)


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  1. bass_o_matic on

    Well done! I have just started a new job myself in the last couple of weeks. It’s been a rush to be doing something different!

    Good luck!

    • Well, actually, this job is going back to my roots, as it were… call center and all. Ah, well. At least it’s something I’m accustomed to.

  2. skjam on

    I’ve had no luck at deciphering any of the 25 songs, alas.

  3. khavrinen on

    25 songs

    Well, I almost answered for #10, but I’m too honest not to admit that, although I was going “Dang it, I know I know that one,” I ended up having to cheat and Google it because I couldn’t unearth it from the compost heap of my memory. Not being a Dead fan myself, I hadn’t even known they covered it until I did; I’m only familiar with the Marty Robbins original.

    • Re: 25 songs

      Oh, shoulda trusted your instincts! They’ve done some pretty unbelievable covers–the very last song I saw them do in concert before Jerry died was ‘The Mighty Quinn’.

  4. the_dark_snack on

    Hey, they’ve got a location here. If you ever considered transferring, you’d at least know someone.

    • Yaknow, I have been *through* Indianapolis several times… but I’ve only actually been *to* Indianapolis once… and that for a WhoosierCon many moons ago. :)

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