Well, yay me.

Some of y’all may know that I have been temping, contracting, and otherwise limping along employment-wise since May of 2001.

Monday, I return to full-time permanent employment.

With Calltech, whose reputation for turnover is… epic.

Curiously, everyone I’ve interviewed with has asked me if I expect to be promoted soon… they have plans for me, methinks. If I like their plans, I will let them continue planning.

But anyway, huzzah. Permanent job with benefits. That’s novel!


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  1. webpuppy on

    congrats.. I was offred a job with Calltech as well. I can’t take it til the end of the month so maybe i’ll see ya there.

    • Do you know which desk you’ll be on? And which shift? I’m on Cox, third shift.

      • webpuppy on

        I think verision, and i was going to request 3rds

        • Kewl, mayhap we can lunch together!

          BTW–I think I will be at AC this Saturday… gonna try real hard, anyway. In between stalking the writer GoH and Tom Smith’s concert and trying to find Lou, I’ll make an effort to catch up with you and Rey. :)

  2. crystalgee on

    GO YOU!

  3. qthewetsprocket on

    hooray! benefits = happy. yay for stable income!

  4. surakofb5 on

    Yay! Congrats and good luck. Steady employment is a good thing. If I’m over my cold by next Friday, we’ll have to get together to watch Doctor Who on tape or DVD. :)

    • Ack, well, the next couple weeks are bad because even though I’m scheduled to work a third shift, my training is second shift… so I won’t be available evenings for a while. Fortunately, once I’m on-shift, I will have Friday nights clear.

      • surakofb5 on

        Too bad I’m sick, or you could come over this Friday before you start working. But I feel dreadful, and the only thing I want to do after work is sleep. Well, in a few weeks, we’ll have to start up Friday nights again.

        • If by ‘this Friday’ you mean tomorrow, I’m turning in unspeakably early so I can get on the road at oh-dark-thirty. Gonna spend Saturday in Pittsburgh at Anthrocon, so I can finally see Diane Duane… not to mention Tom’s concert, and of course catching up with .

          • surakofb5 on

            Oops, I forgot about Anthrocon. So you obviously decided to go. :)

            Tell I said hi, and tell Tom I said, “You never call, you never write…” ;-)

            Go, have fun. You don’t want my germs, trust me. I’m going to have chicken soup and go back to bed.

  5. soundwave106 on

    Congrats for the income, at least :)

    • They seem to have bigger plans for me than I’d had (which was basically to take this job until something better came along)–they’ve repeatedly mentioned eligibility for promotion after 30 days and for internal transfers to systems and programming groups after 90. So it seems there’s rather more to it than just answering the phone…

  6. thattallguy201 on

    Job? Permanent??

    How… how un-Phoenix-like!

  7. nsingman on

    Congratulations! I hope it goes very well for you there!

  8. jayteeone on

    Yay you!!!

  9. the_dark_snack on

    Now you have to come over here for a visit.

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