Oh, hell! Oh, joy! Oh, *ow*…

Mapquest et al. will never really be completely useful until they can warn you of shutdowns.

Anyway, Saturday morning at about 5am I rolled out of town on my way to Pittsburgh to poke my head in on Anthrocon. Between seeing GoHs Diane Duane and filkertom–not to mention the chance to visit with several friends–I deemed it worth the effort of making the three hour drive. I made contact with cashewlou on Friday, arranged to call him Saturday morning so we could meet for breakfast–and did so. After hanging up, and by which time he was already out of the room, came the signs on I-79 that it was closed. For a stretch beginning before my exit, and ending after. And this interstate that feeds into Pittsburgh was being re-routed onto one and two-lane 25mph and 35mph roads. Yuck. It added about 45 minutes to the trip, but I was able to get to I-279 and follow the directions I’d printed out.

Side note about driving into Pittsburgh from I-279–until you pass through the long tunnel under a mountain, you’re not even aware you’re that close to downtown, then *bam!* city!

Side note about Pittsburgh itself–I hate one way streets that don’t run parallel and perpendicular!


Parked a couple blocks from the convention site where I knew the parking was $5 for the day. Considering the alternative was $20 at the hotel itself, I deemed it worth a couple blocks hiking. Found cashewlou, explained the clusterfuck with the expressway, got breakfast. He also surprised me by paying my registration, for which I should like to thank him once again.

I love Diane Duane–or at least her work, I don’t know her personally. Getting to see her was a long-overdue treat for me, and she read from a piece she’s working on that’s based off the old ‘Puss in Boots’ story. Very funny stuff. Regrettably, though, after both panels I saw her on, she was whisked away and I did not get her autograph on my first edition paperback of ‘The Door Into Fire’.

Also an excellent time at the filkertom concert. Half the fun of a Smith concert is watching the heads of virgins explode. :)

Anyways, by and large had a good time at the convention, although outside of Duane and Smith and getting to see several good friends (and meet one whom I’ve known online for years but never met face to face), there really wasn’t much for me to do, but if the guest list warrants it, I can see going back.

The US Open at Winged Foot today was an agonizing thing to watch. I was hoping for either Phil or Monty to come through, but they both fell apart on the last hole. Ow, ow, ow, ow.


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  1. bass_o_matic on

    Go Aussie, go. :-)

    • Unfortunately for Geoff Ogilvy, this year’s Open will probably be more remembered for the way Monty and Phil fell apart than for his win, like the ’99 Open Championship–nothing personal to Geoff, but I was really pulling for Monty to finally get his long-overdue major. Everyone who watched it can tell you about seeing Jean Van de Velde turn into Inspector Clouseau on the 18th hole. Not many can remember that ultimately Paul Lawrie triumphed in the playoff. I can, but I’m a serious golf geek. :)

      (checks my autograph book) Hey! I got his autograph when he played the Memorial in ’04, cool! One more Major winner in my book. :)

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