Okay, someone explain me this.

So, I bought a couple pair of slacks. I used to wear 38x32s, but in point of fact, I am suffering a little middle-age spread, so off to the 40x32s I went.

They were floppin’ all over the floor, so I switched to 40x30s, which fit perfectly.

How in the name of Oscar de la Renta did two inches leave my legs and join my ass?

And when I’m 75, will I be wearing 50x20s?


3 comments so far

  1. cashewlou on

    50 x 20s? O.O

    Are you planning to turn into Billy Barty?!

    • Planning to? No! Of course, the alternative is that I could end up in 20x50s… :)

      I still just wanna know how two inches migrated from my legs to my waistline…

      • ataniell93 on

        Clothing sizes vary from brand to brand.

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