To meme, or not to meme…

Jump to twenty random LJs and categorize them in broad strokes. No names. Your categories may vary, make ’em up as you need ’em. Do not give journal names–this isn’t about who, it’s about what.

Whining about how life is so awful and/or unfair: 5
Hasn’t been updated in over two years: 3
Deleted, but within 30 day undelete window: 2
Stray comments from a relatively normal person: 2
Community: 2
Space cadets who do little more than quote movies and songs: 1
Mainly plugging another site: 1
For the most part random and incomprehensible: 1
Gone Friends-Only with a big post about it: 1
Deleted: 1
Hasn’t been updated ever: 1

Duplicate this meme at your own risk. Didn’t get it from anybody, I’m starting it.


2 comments so far

  1. ataniell93 on

    I hope none of those are me!

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