The greatest companion speaks!

Spoilers contained re: Dr Who and Rose, just so you know.

Right here. Particularly, I like her comment about Mel (Bonnie Langford). :)

And yeah, I think Ace is the best of all Companions. YMMV, but you know I’m right. :)


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  1. argh_jim on

    Ace is the place. Although for some reason I like Peri, probably more than you would.

    I presume you’ve seen “The Stranger” at some point in time?

    • No, actually, I haven’t seen that (nor The Airzone Solution)

      Peri was never high on my list of Companions (Compania? Companii? Whatever…). My personal faves have always been Ace, K-9, Romana I and The Brigadier.

      • argh_jim on

        It’s just a personal appreciation thing, really.

      • bass_o_matic on

        I always liked The Brigadier. Harry Sullivan too. Romana II always seemed to be a little up herself on a lot of occasions, so seeing her ditched in E-Space wasn’t such a big deal.

        Sarah-Jane was always good, and I didn’t mind Jo Grant either.

        Sergeant Benton was always good value.

        Ah, the memories.

        • the_lady_romana on

          Romana II always seemed to be a little up herself on a lot of occasions, so seeing her ditched in E-Space wasn’t such a big deal.


          I would remind you that I am authorized to use the Mind Probe.

        • Yeah, I prefer Romana I to Romana II. Sarah Jane was never one of my favorites, but Jo Grant is great–I had the great good fortune to meet her (or, rather, Katy Manning) at the “UNIT Reunion” at WhoosierCon many moons ago–Pertwee, Manning, John Levene, Richard Franklin–everyone from that era save the sadly-deceased Roger Delgado, and Nicholas Courtney, who was unable to travel that weekend. The Brig joined us by phone for the keynote address, though. I haven’t seen many episodes with Frazer (Jamie MacCrimmon) Hines, but I did get to meet him once, too. Really nice guy. Still cute, I might add. ;)

  2. skjam on

    I’m still fond of Leela.

    • Leela was fun, because she didn’t immediately go into a shrieking panic at the first sight of something untoward, yes. :)

  3. qthewetsprocket on

    sarah jane = love.

  4. avon_deer on

    Bonnie Langford’s sonic scream should be classified as a weapon of mass destruction by the UN. I used to love it. :D

    • See, I didn’t need the 9th Doctor episode “Dalek” to make me feel sympathetic for a Dalek. Every time Mel opened her mouth, I actively rooted for the Daleks, Cybermen, Rani, you name it. Poor Sabalom Glitz… *shudder*

      Although when the Rani dressed up as Mel in ‘Time and the Rani’, that was pretty hysterical. I about fell of my chair when I saw that. :)

      But still, here’s the final truest comparison:

      Ace: Do you feel like arguing with a can of deodorant that registers nine on the Richter scale?

      Says it all. :)

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