Your Tax Dollars At Work–In The Wrong Places.

[…The Department of Homeland Security]’s database of vulnerable critical infrastructure and key resources included the Old MacDonald’s Petting Zoo near Huntsville, Ala., a bourbon festival, a bean festival and the Kangaroo Conservation Center in Dawsonville, Ga. It does not include Times Square, the Empire State Building, the Brooklyn Bridge, or the Statue of Liberty. Oh, and security grants to New York and DC are getting forty percent cuts.

The most threatened place in America is apparently Indiana, which has some 8,500 places listed in the database. New York city and state together only have a bit over 5,500. DC? Four hundred and change.

Nice to see the guy at the switch is sleeping soundly.

Oh, and Valerie Plame is suing Darth Cheney, Dr. StrangeRove and Scooter. You go, girl!


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  1. the_dark_snack on

    Wow, I live in the most threatened and vulnerable place in America. I feel so secure.

    • Now, you might not be the most vulnerable per capita… I’m going to have to divide the number of sites by the population of each state and see how it comes out… I’m sure there are ways of looking at the data to make the DHS budget look like pure pork for Dumbass and his friends.

      ‘Course, it probably is no more than that anyway. Details when I finish number-crunching.

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