How To Annoy Your Tech Support Guy

  • Insist on troubleshooting a problem that no longer exists. Sorry, we don’t log the whole of reality. Some things, we really just don’t know why they happened, and if it’s working now, then what’s your fucking problem?
  • Insist on troubleshooting things we do not support. And trying to walk your way through them with us on the line doesn’t mean we’ll follow. If you’re going to munge your system, on your own head be it. We warned you.
  • Get drunk before calling in. Especially since I support Rhode Island, and you all sound like Peter and/or Lois Griffin to me anyway. Even moreso when you’re hammered.
  • Be sure not to mention that you “deleted a bunch of unnecessary files” after I’ve wasted 45 minutes troubleshooting and finding nothing wrong.

Yup, gonna be a big multipost day.


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