Oh, and regarding my latest project.

I have a Scarf-O-Meter for my current Dr Who scarf (season 18 version). Cut for the image. I started at the top.


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  1. bass_o_matic on

    Very nice! My grandmother, rest her soul, made me a scarf using a pattern that John Nathan-Turner (producer for Dr. Who for ages) sent me way back in 1983 or something. I still have it, and wear it now and again when it’s cold.

    • JNT was the producer when I first got into the fandom, around the time Tom Baker retired–making a scarf was the whole reason I taught myself to knit in the first place, and now I’m a stick-and-fiber addict. Already finished a Season 15 version. This one is around half a meter wide and will top out around eight meters long. I finished the Season 15 one just in time for a nasty cold snap here, and promptly declared it the Best Thing I Ever Made. :)

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