This will rock, or this will suck.

Gatchaman (infamously mistranslated as ‘Battle of the Planets’ and ‘G-Force’) to return as a feature-length movie. It’s to be CGI, and directed by an American. Fingers crossed. I vote no cameo for Casey Kasem.

Director Kevin Munroe (currently doing TMNT) says he’s always been a fan of the show and considers the human element as important as the action so… fingers crossed.

And dammit, yes, Ken better still be gay.


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  1. dragonscholar on

    Next up for you, the Bugaloos remade as a sentai team.

    . . . wait . . .

    • Either it’s too late for that, or it’s an idea you should explore further. :)

      (Yeah, that *was* one’a my favorite shows, along with Pufnstuf)

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