Here’s something I would like explained.

Okay, this happens to me most nights, just as I’m dozing off, my whole body just jerks violently, sometimes hard enough to get me all the way off the mattress. Sometimes it’s accompanied by a dream which ends with me getting hit by a car or slamming into a wall or hitting the pavement after a lengthy plummet. My sleep rhythms are bad enough already–this invariably wakes me up all the way for another hour or so.

WTF is that anyway?


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  1. cashewlou on

    I actually studied this in a parapsychology class I took in college, but it has a scientific name: the hypnic or hypnagogic jerk.

    Read the comments after the article, too; some folks on there describe the exact same things you did.

    BTW, the reason we studied hypnic jerking in my parapsychology class is that many folks believe the state of not-awake/not-asleep during when hypnic jerks occur are when people are most psychically sensitive/aware.

    • What gets me is how often my brain spontaneously attaches a dream to it, a brief one, of course. Last time it happened (Wednesday “night”–afternoon for everyone else), I literally bounced straight up off the mattress, and dreamed simultaneously that Ban had just backed into me in a minivan… I don’t know which was weirder, the experience, or the idea of Ban driving one of those. o.O;

  2. qthewetsprocket on

    i usually have a sense of falling when that happens. hate that shit. ugh.

    however, i will take it hands down over that hideously awful thing that happens when, for no identifiable reason in the realm of god or man, a muscle in my leg (usually the calf) will go totally ballistic and clench up tighter than an airlocked vice. always the left leg; usually as i’m just waking up. the last one happened two night ago and the fucker is STILL stiff and painful as hell. *rubs calf muscle disgruntledly*

    • Ow ow ow ow ow yeah, I know exactly what you mean–I was getting horrible “charley horses” … until I changed the chair at my computer desk.

  3. dragonscholar on

    I’ve had this happen to me now and then.

  4. soundwave106 on

    It’s a hypnic jerk, a specific form of myoclonic jerk.

    I get them sometimes too.

  5. thattallguy201 on

    I had a gf who this happened to — she denied it but I was the one who was awake. :) (She denied a lot of stuff, come to that. But that’s another story.)

  6. bass_o_matic on

    I get a similar thing at times as well. It’s like there is an electric flash through your brain, and you jerk violently when it happens.

    I used to try and work out what it was, and erroneously began to think that it might have been some form of base epilepsy, but given that I suffer no other symptoms except when I am going to sleep discounted that.

    It’s incrediblt disconcerting though, isn’t it.

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