Stray things.

Coolest. Flash toy. Ever. Or how about a sort-of 3D Spirograph? Or a regular Java one?

Here’s one especially for : there’s a new Steinbeck on deck.

When Stephen King asks you not to kill a character in a book, is that merely ironic or cause to worry?


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  1. ataniell93 on

    Bah, JK. I’m sorry, you’ve managed to upset me more thoroughly than Stephen King ever dreamed of doing.

    Actually, for me King’s “Dark Tower” series was the antithesis of the Potter series. That is, I really didn’t care for the first few books and read them mostly because a bunch of my friends had adopted terminology etc from them and it was sort of necessary, but I really loved the last four. Whereas it was the first four Potter books I loved…

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      I still find it amusing when it’s Stephen freakin’ King asking her to take it easy on her characters. I mean, that’s like having Dave Barry ask you to take an exploding whale seriously. :)

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