In re: recent events in England.

You know, I really wish I could “just” dismiss the arrests as being that, but you know, this administration is so evil and Blair’s is growing in desperation, and the timing is so perfect relative to the upcomign midterm elections, what with our first “code red” ever… well, anyway.

If the war in Iraq really was about ending terrorism, then this plot wouldn’t have even been plotted, would it? Or should we start bombing the UK now since they’re “harboring terrorists”? No matter how you look at it, the “logic” of The Idiot fails to hold up. At least the Blair government reads their intelligence reports, unlike a certain government I could name.


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  1. dragonscholar on

    What I keep seeing put succinctly is not a single American Troop in Iraq, not a single Israeli troop in lebanon, helped stop this.

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      Not to mention that the British politicians and press are all praising MI-5 and Scotland Yard… while American politicians are trying to claim personal credit. Meanwhile, I’ve heard that some of the British press and public are skeptical that this was a real plot in the first place… as am I.

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