Congratulate me!

Smoke-free for a year as of yesterday! Well, not counting one cigar in April, but that was a special case.


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  1. jungle_goddess on


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  4. bass_o_matic on

    How strange! I started my quit program today!


    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      The first couple days SUCK. I started the patch on a Saturday so that I would have a couple days under my belt before going to work… and warned my co-workers that there was an odds-on chance of me being a right bastard for a while.

      As it turned out, the patch completely disrupted my already irregular sleep rhythms, and I had to stop using it six weeks early and just toughed it out. The worst will be your ‘triggers’–for me, getting into the car or sitting down at the computer.

      Persevere. It’s worth it to breath clearly again. I haven’t had a meaningful cough in a year, and I don’t believe that’s merely coincidental. And good luck!

  5. thattallguy201 on

    Holy moly. You really *aren’t* the kid I knew in college anymore. :)

    Major congrats.

  6. jayteeone on

    I’m glad, I only harped on you about it just about every time I saw you, but I harped on the rest of the smokers too.

  7. nsingman on

    Congratulations on a fine accomplishment!

  8. soundwave106 on

    Yay. :)

  9. bizarra on

    Congratulations!!! :-) And Lucy gives you a congratulatory lick. :-)

  10. surakofb5 on


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