Not whether, but when…

Professional Major #12 for Tiger today… I don’t think there’s any question that he’s going to eclipse Jack’s record of 18 titles (6 Masters, 5 PGAs, 4 US Opens, 3 Open Championships). If you count the Amateur (as I do–it was good enough for Bobby Jones, it’s good enough for me), it’s even closer: Tiger has 15 to Jack’s 20. Hell, at this stage, he might end up with more majors than the Evil Empire has World Series wins (which would also suit a Yankees-hater like me).

So. How much longer does Jack’s record stand? His final major came at age 46 on a perfectly unbelievable Sunday in April 1986. Tiger’s 30, and only needs seven professional majors to hold the record outright, six for the overall majors (amateur and pro both).

Back to back majors heading into Augusta next year, no less. This is the time to be a golf fan.


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  1. jayteeone on

    It’s scary living in Yankees country. The fans are rabid. I also live close enough to the Mass border that we have a modicum of Red Sox fans, and the rivalry is almost as bad as the Browns/Steelers rivalry of old. Personally I find the Yankees detestable. The idea of buying a playoff bid and a possible world series sickens me. I loved when the Red Sox finally won. Go Tiger, he did great. And He’ll wrap the record in no time.

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      Well, that’s the thing about the Yankees–they’re not a team so much as they are the best players money can buy. No one plays for the Yankees because they love being a Yankee–they play because they’re damn well paid even by pro sports standards… and if some other team comes along and makes a better offer, they’ll desert the pinstripes in, well, a New York minute.

      Can you imagine for a second Ted Williams or Carl Yastrzemski trading in their BoSox uniforms?

    • thattallguy201 on

      Saw a t-shirt recently:


      Red Sox 1

      Yankees 0

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