End of another era, and new evil on the horizon.

Those that have known me long enough have known that my old email address was ikaros@infinet.com (bought out by voyager.net which was then bought out by core.com), and Infinet/Core was my dialup provider. I even still had an old website up there.

Now that I have broadband, I just finished backing up the long-neglected site to my HD, and cancelling the account. It’s a little weird, I’ve been on Infinet since 1994–really old friends and real old-timers among MSTies may recall that I was originally ikaros@bsbbs.columbus.oh.us starting in 1993, but that whole domain has been gone for ages. It was–as you might guess from the domain name–a BBS, that happened to have alt.tv.mst3k (max 60 messages a day UUCP–back when that meant I only missed three or four messages, and sometimes none at all).

Farewell, Infinet. I miss the way it was, a little mom-and-pop ISP where I knew the sysadmin personally and could ask bizarre questions that a call center would choke on (me: “Can I issue a Usenet control message to create a newsgroup?” sysop: “I… dunno. Try it and let me know what happens. And if it works, show me how you did it.” For the record, it did, and I did :)), where we could have a user picnic at a city park along the river. Ahh, those were the days, before AOL connected up, before Canter and Siegel invented spam. You know, a massive and brutal DoS attack on Canter and Siegel’s server might’ve served notice that spammers would not survive on the internet, but it’s too late now. Ah, well. Everything has a Golden Age, even on Internet time.

points out this article, in which it becomes clear that Paramount aspires to be the George Lucas of Star Trek. I don’t object to digitally cleaning up the images and audio. I do object to digitally replacing the classic SFX. Assholes.


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  1. argh_jim on

    I’m withholding judgement quite yet…. The “absolutely cloudless” mirror earth always bugged me.

    But, as I’ve said elsewhere, if Chekov is digitally inserted into season one and says, “Meesa think thassa WOMUNLAN ship, Cap’n!”, I’m outta here.

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      Oh, I’m going to judge it right now. How do you think the 40 year old cheap-ass sets are going to look between brand new crisp and clean CGI? I’ll tell you–they’ll look like hell, and the show will look like it was cobbled together from stock footage and a guy with a copy of Maya. The only slack that Paramount is getting from me is that there’s no move on to pull the original version DVDs… yet.

      • thattallguy201 on

        The original DVD’s are out now — I’ve got them (OK, well, Laurie does.) Pulling them won’t make a difference. I have faith in the Law of Large Numbers: even if they did get pulled, the originals would live online forever. They’d probably even be more popular than the remakes for a generation or two — and they’d have to be rereleased, to much fanfare and “the people have spoken” noise.

        Besides — don’t you think it’ll look pretty cheesy to have state-of-the-art CGI in one frame, and the next shows a salt shaker scanner? :)

        • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

          That last being my point exactly, yes.

          I know, they’re all the way to Lucas level evil yet, but it’s this whole mentality that “flashier is better”. You know what? It’s not. Plan Nine would be no fun at all with clean special effects–or even a proper cockpit set. Dammit, the show was monstrously popular the way it was. Why change it? Cleaning things up is one thing (although I’ve heard that the digital cleanup they did on ‘Trouble with Tribbles’ for that DS9 episode revealed coffee stains on Spock’s uniform), but wholesale replacing is wrong. And just because Gene’s dead doesn’t mean it’s okay to screw with it.

          Meanwhile, in Lucasland, the ‘much fanfare’ and ‘people have spoken’ fuss over the DVD release later this year of the original three movies isn’t all that much fuss–as it turns out, they’re not bothering to do anything with them; they’re using the 1992 laserdisc print and not bothering to apply any of his much-vaunted image tech. Thanks, George. Your fancy electronics could really clean those up nice, and you peed it down your leg. Again.

  2. bizarra on

    We *still* have our infinet/voyager/corecom/whoever they are now accounts. I’ve had that email address way too long to get rid of it now. LOL

    We never actually set up email addresses on our cable/broadband account. We just keep the ol infinet one. :-)

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      Yeah, but there’s no point in me spending the money for Infinet on top of the hosting fee for aerie.to and the monthly SBC fee. I will say that the broadband costs less than Infinet/Core. I long ago moved everything to my aerie address, so losing the Infinet address isn’t meaningful anymore–I went in there today to empty out the mailbox, there were 785 messages, and every one was spam.

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