Just for the record.

The Digital Archive Project is a whole ‘nother animal on broadband. Yes, I really did once have the patience to spend five days downloading an entire MST3K ep at dialup speed–and not once, but several times.

I love the DAP for several reasons. One, they got everything there is to have, MST3K-wise. Two, they yank things the instant they’re commercially available, and I think even as soon as they’re announced–even things that are a bloody nightmare to get, like the DVD of The Movie (and no, , I’m nowhere near done thanking you for that–I plan to mention it in your eulogy many decades hence, or willing it to you in the event of my predecease :)). Three, they got a mother of a project going to convert the existing non-commercially-available episodes to DVD-ready format… which means they’re going out of their way to find the most pristine copies available and upgrading when possible. Their efforts have already borne unexpected fruit, recovering the previously lost final host segment from [K015] Superdome. Still no word on the infamously lost Pilot and subsequent three episodes, though. Has anyone started a candlelight vigil on Jim Mallon’s front lawn?


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  1. argh_jim on

    Well, the pilot never aired, so I’m not surprised that hasn’t shown, and it seems unlikely that it will.

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      No, but my understanding is that Jim Mallon has copies of all four of the “lost” episodes. One may hope that eventually he will bow to the needs of history and release them… :)

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