Saw the news earlier while helping a client online, then forgot about it in a mad rush of calls, only to be reminded by : Former Texas Governor Ann Richards has passed away. Classy, brassy, a breath of fresh air, a governor I would have vastly preferred to the ones we were stuck with up here in Ohio… and sadly the first major victim of the Bush/Rove lie machine. Had she only ended the little monster’s political career and been re-elected, just think what kind of world we’d live in today.

Requiescat in pace, Governor. If I’m wrong and there is an afterlife, keep givin’ ’em hell.


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  1. johnpalmer on

    What ticks me off is I heard Bush saying stuff about her, trying to sound all gracious and shit, and I’m feeling like “then it’s time to get on your knees and beg forgiveness from her, her family, and the people of Texas for how you treated her.”

    It used to be considered okay to fight a bruising political battle… but that was in the day in which you’d try to make your opponents *ideas* look foolish in a bruising, cutthroat way.

  2. littlewings04 on

    Oh, my gosh, I didn’t hear that. I loved that woman. I wanted to be her for a time. She was one of the best parts of Texas.

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