It … is named.

So the “tenth planet” which threw so much chaos into the staid world of astronomy has an official and highly appropriate name now: Eris. “Gabrielle” is now officially Dysnomia, in mythology Eris’ daughter, the spirit of lawlessness. Although since the name is replacing ‘Xena’, maybe it’s really the spirit of Lawless-less-ness? :D


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  1. surakofb5 on

    Eris, goddess of discord and strife. How appropriate.

    Too bad, I liked “Xena”.

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      I think the reason they wanted to give it a classical name was because it is bigger than Pluto… although by the latest measurements, only by about 110-115km.

  2. bizarra on

    Actually, I read a comment yesterday by Michael Brown who discovered and named the planet Xena.. he chose Eris, becuase as Discord she was a recurring character on Xena and the moon is indeed named for that reason.

  3. jayteeone on

    *thwaps you on the nose and exclaims,”Bad, bad, bad!”*

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