Had an excellent evening at the Columbus Symphony with tonight, marred only by a periodic and unexplained booming. I thought it sounded like fireworks in the near distance (unlikely), she thought it sounded like someone moving something heavy or repeatedly slamming a door (also unlikely, during a performance). Most annoying was that it happened during the perfomance of “Pictures at an Exhibition”, which I had been looking forward to mightily.

Re: the performance–the booming wasn’t so much that it drowned out the orchestra, and when they dove into “The Great Gates of Kiev”, the final movement, it was one of those right up your spine things, absolutely magnificent. I liked the former music director well enough, but I also thought that Maestro Siciliani’s style was too aggressive. Under guest conductor Giancarlo Guerrero‘s baton, this was a more mature CSO tonight.

And the ‘Pictures…’ rocked.


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  1. bizarra on

    I miss the Symphony. Alas…

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      I want to go into that theater with my Minolta, several rolls of film, and a couple days to kill. Every time I go in there, it blows my mind.

      I don’t know what the Siciliani “Pictures…” sounded like–they did it in ’02 or ’03–but the Guerrero one was brilliant.

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