Here’s some pretty pictures.

Ever wonder what happens if you throw fifty pounds of Silly Putty™ off a building?

How about playing with a straw and a vibrating bowl of a liquid cornstarch solution?

And lastly, this is brief but pretty.

Edit: Oh, and how to kick ass, Rube Goldberg-style, in Half Life 2.


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  1. gmhelwig on

    It’s a shame that camera operator did not shift position. Too brief a video.

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      No time. Major bolides like that are extremely transitory. If he’d tried to get more footage by getting that building out of the way, he would have lost what little he did get. They only look slow-moving–I’ve seen them. By the time your brain processes what’s going on, the event is all but over. I saw a bright green one over Lake Erie several years ago, and was lucky to get the start and endpoint alt/az.

  2. avon_deer on

    Non-Newtonian compounds are amazing.

  3. surakofb5 on

    I’ll have to watch the videos from work – dialup won’t cut it.

    But the Silly Putty should bounce – I’ve done it with the 1-oz balls.

    The cornstarch isn’t a solution, it’s a non-Newtonian fluid. Should be interesting to see.

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      The Silly Putty does what I gave it a one-in-three chance of doing. :)

      The cornstarch thing is *extremely* interesting to see.

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