October 5 protests and things falling from the sky

Columbus’ protest will be all day, starting at Fraud Central… er, the Board of Elections, then moving to the State House, and then to the Federal Building. I’ll be there with a camera–be there in your area! Will post images then. Hopefully, no tornado warning and half-dollar-sized hail like today.

Speaking of which, congrats to for getting some of his storm footage on WBNS 10TV’s 11pm news tonight!

Sheesh. Second time in a month and a half I’ve been woken up by an unexpected tornado warning. Feh.


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  1. gmhelwig on

    I’m staging my own protest in the voting booth.

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      There too, of course… but the important thing is to be there, be seen, and document, since we know the Distort isn’t going to cover it, and I didn’t see any of the local TV stations there. However, we did see CNN there, as they were in town covering some angle of the Mark Foley page-cruising story. And they did point their cameras in our direction. Whether they use it remains to be seen. Fingers crossed. It’d be funny for to get his footage on the news yesterday and for me to be in some CNN footage today. :)

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