Condie Rice: Evil Bitch (no, even moreso than before)

So in the wake of N. Korea’s alleged nuclear test (still unclear how successful it was), does Rice admit that Dumbass’ insistence on conditions that were guaranteed to be rejected might’ve had something to do with it? That ignoring North Korea (except to make them part of the ‘axis of evil’) might’ve emboldened them? By whistling and looking the other way every time North Korea said “Hey, we wanna make a bomb, whatcha gonna do?” might’ve made them think they just might could do it?

No. The evil bitch blamed Bill Clinton. Even though Clinton’s policy of engagement put the North Korean program on hold for eight years.

Hey, Condie? If you’re going to lie, at least try something that takes more than half a minute’s research to debunk. Fuck you, you arrogant, lying, evil bitch. This is your boss’ fault for IGNORING THE PROBLEM. My president did something about it.

And as points out, over on Faux News, they’re talking about how this is good news for the GOP.


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  1. dragonscholar on

    I don’t mean to be too cinical, but seriously . . . are you surprised? Even Saint McCain got in on the act.

    So, six years of Bush nets us a half-assed NK nuke test. And what is he going to do about it? Apparently nothing.

    I think it’s amusing that folks think this is good for the GOP. It’s one in a long line of fuckups. It’s to the point where Republicans are now lying about how things are good for them – it’s all they’ve got.

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      More to the point, the nuke test (rather like 9/11) wouldn’t have even happened but for the head-in-the-sand Dumbass regime. Apparently, his policy is to ignore a problem until he thinks it’s big enough to go to war over.

    • johnpalmer on

      Saint McCain? Bush’s bitch is more like it. He just insists on Bush buying him dinner and a drink first, gets the drink half the time (but never gets the dinner), and nevertheless thinks that makes him classy.

      • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

        You’d think he would’ve put up a bigger fight about legalizing torture since he himself suffered it at the hands of the North Vietnamese. McCain has surrendered what little respect I had for him.

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