Hey, look! A post without politics!

First–who’ll I see at OVFF this year? Damn, but that’s coming up fast… as usual, I’m not ready yet!

Second–who’s the knob who turned down the thermostat? It was EIGHTY on Monday, it’s 39°F with a wind chill of 32° right now! Dammit, did someone leave the door open on the state again? And some people have even dared speak the “S” word… s– sn– … no, I can’t bring myself to say it, not this early in the year (xmas displays in the stores notwithstanding… sheesh.)

Third–I’m finishing a long scarf right now, all alpaca, in black and white. Quite nice–and considering the weather, I might end up wearing it home. Wonder if there’s any sort of market on eBay or down in the Short North for hand-knit scarves and things? Also, I have tentatively been commissioned to knit/crochet an afghan for a co-worker, and another co-worker wants to buy a scarf in the same style as the one I’ll be putting in the OVFF Interfilk auction. Woo. Maybe I have a future as a fabric-based art fag! XD


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  1. gmhelwig on

    “Who needs a refrigerator? I have Ohio.”

  2. filkertom on

    Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg….

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      What I said at ‘s house filk last year, about some of the lines your songs being like watching a train approach with your foot caught in the tracks–apply that to the chorus of your latest iTom. To quote that great philosopher, Freakazoid: “Allow me to be the first one to say ouch!” :)

  3. jayteeone on

    Dude, I’ll pay you for the black and white alpaca scarf. Though the weather is still half decent here. Of course I don’t think of 38 as cold because I used to live in one of the coldest towns in the US for ten years. Saranac Lake, NY is one of the cold markers used by weather people for the coldest place in the continental, plus 2 others, International Falls, and Sault Ste Marie both in Minnesota. Of course Saranac Lake cheats and is in the Adirondack mountain, but hey they’re crazy enough to take a piss when it’s cold enough to freeze as it comes out of you. Regardless, I would still love the scarf.

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      Oooh, *bzzt!* Survey says… Sault Sainte Marie is in Michigan!

      Seriously, though? I dunno. I hadn’t decided what I was going to do with it yet… nor do I know what to charge.

      • jayteeone on

        Damn, blew it! Cool, keep me in mind and let me know.

        By the by, is your phone number still the same? Or has it changed along with your address?

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