Aw jeez, it’s genetic!

I had an uncle, now sadly no longer with us, who was a typesetter on a Chicago newspaper (don’t know which one).

After a surprise snowstorm one year, the headline was set as: “GIANT BLIZZARD ATTACKS CHICAGO”

Carrying it to the copy editor, my uncle whipped out his trusty magic marker and connected the L and I in ‘blizzard’, so that it read ‘GIANT BUZZARD ATTACKS CHICAGO’.

Mayhem in the copy office ensued.

God, I love my family. XD


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  1. sailormac on


    Your uncle = FOR THE WIN.

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      Uncle Johnny loved pulling things like that. You always had to listen when he was around because you never knew what he was going to say next. :)

  2. billfl on

    And Peter Graves was there as it ravaged the Loop.

  3. drakegrey on

    beat me to it, alas, but -ayyyeeeee! Giant Claw! GIANT CLAW!

    Perhaps Kronos showed up to help in the destruction. Anyone here up for a game of “The Monster that ate Sheboygan”? Or perhaps, “Crush, Crumble, And Chomp”? :D


  4. azurelunatic on


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