Me: Okay, sir, what browser are you running?

Him: Mozzarella. Mozzarella Firefox!

Me: (silence… silence… and more silence)


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  1. adinasauce on

    Haha, my dad pronounces it ‘Motzilla’, just like the cheese.

    Small miracles!

  2. thattallguy201 on

    I hope his application doesn’t get shredded.

    And it gives a whole new meaning to “bubbly-sort”.

    The call probably had something to do with a string function?

       Excerpt from Mozarella Firefox ASCII translation table:
         0x07  ^G  BABYBEL
  3. jayteeone on

    Let’s see, mozzarella, I’ve never tried it on firefox. To be honest I don’t think fox is goodeating, so mozzarella on fox would not be good. Besides if you placed it on your CPU, the cpu might generate enough heat to melt the cheese all over the insides, and cheese and processing (except velveeta which is processed cheese product) don’t mix. Just like the human digestive tract cheese would bind everything up. However, I have browsed the internet whi;e eating mozzarella, usually fresh mozz, I would never try and use to do the actual browsing, it would just sit on the key board and dry out, no good at all. The man, as I’m sure you’re trying to show with this wonderful vingnette, is clearly an idiot and should be shot along with all those who rigged the ballots for Bush to become president both times.

  4. bizarra on


    I’m guessing this is a person who goes to Wendy’s and orders the Monty Ranch Chicken sandwhich. (Monterey Ranch, it actually is)


  5. billfl on

    Y’know, I’ve been waiting to try that lasagna plug-in they got for that.

    (Mmmmmmm, lasagna!)

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