Fallout like Bikini Atoll

Rumsfeld resigns.

Hastert won’t run for minority leader (no link yet, it just flashed across the Headline News screen).

Dumbass says he’s willing to work with the Dems. Yeah, right, but at least he’s sounding conciliatory for the first time since the ’00 campaign.

Not a bad end to the day.


2 comments so far

  1. gmhelwig on

    I’m happy and displeased at the election results, and the reason is that I feel more people voted No to Bush, not that that’s a bad thing, than actually thought about what they should be voting >for< .

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      Well, the Democrats made the election a referendum on him and Iraq, and that played exceptionally well–obviously, it worked. I’m delighted–it means the spell is finally breaking.

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