Holy shit!

I just got off the phone with my mom. My brother was running in the Offshore Racing World Championships down in Destin, Florida, today. I don’t know which class–not the big monster boats, he runs a little white one called “WAHOO!”.

He won.

He WON! My brother is the world champion!

Details as I get them… he WON!!!

EDIT: Couple’a things. First, got the name wrong from my dad, it’s “WAHOO!”, not “YAHOO!”. Corrected above.

Second: Apparently, this is either the first time all the sponsoring organizations have got together to have one world championship. I don’t know if that’s “ever” or “in a very long time”, but that means Dave is the either the first ever undisputed world champion, or the first in a very long time. Wahoo indeed!


7 comments so far

  1. filkertom on

    Fortunately, this is really easy to post about.


  2. crystalgee on

    CONGRATS to your brother!

  3. jungle_goddess on

    That’s awesome! Congrats to your Bro’!

  4. tharain on


  5. cashewlou on

    Yer family is weird.

    And I won’t be able to be there this Christmas. D’oh.

  6. soundwave106 on

    Congrats. :)

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