…except that I want to keep my job, however horrible it is.

So I only think the following responses, rather than say them out loud.

“I know I know my password!”

Then you don’t need me to reset it, and you can log in normally.

“I’m sure the problem is [xxx].”

If you’re such an experienced technician, then I don’t need to waste your time on the phone any more. Bye!

(after lengthy and detailed explanation as to why something is doing something) “Are you sure it’s not [xxx]?”

Which one of us is calling whom for advice, sport?

“I mean, I reinstalled Windows, but that’s not changing anything.”

And I can swap your brain for lime Jell-O and that won’t change anything either.

(after repeatedly saying to SHUT DOWN the computer and make sure that it’s POWERED OFF) “Okay, it’s coming back up now.” (insert Windows startup sound–these people never change it)

I want you to go to the garage and make sure your car has restarted after you shut it off too.


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  1. gmhelwig on

    I used to have 6 notebooks filled with such remarks, back when I worked the phones. They have all been destroyed, sadly, but I will probably tell you the one I want to see on a shirt.

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