Here endeth the story.

Well, if you care any more, we have the final Harry Potter title. I’ll get it, and read it, but Hair-Brained Plot killed my fandom. Apparently, no one at Bloomsbury is willing to say, “Okay, Jo, let’s have an editor go over this…”


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  1. filkertom on

    Trust the fanfic. Love the fanfic. Just… be very careful about picking pairings, mmkay? The vast bulk of the stories are romance-centric, i.e., Harry and/or Ron and/or Hermione end up with someone, and a good number of them are adult, i.e., there’s sex. (Thank Cthulhu for age-of-consent.) Knowing that going in, there are some riproaring good adventures and some quite honorable “Book Seven”s out there.

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      Meh, I don’t even do pairings. I couldn’t care less who gets in whose pants. The fic I’ve written is mainly original characters away from the school–mostly in Salem, in the States. I prefer to explore the corners of the universe that the creator has not poked into.

      Or I write bizarre f’ed up stuff like Voldemort as a guest on Space Ghost Coast to Coast. :)

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