I declare myself utterly unsurprised.

Had from :

I am:

Isaac Asimov

One of the most prolific writers in history, on any imaginable subject. Cared little for art but created lasting and memorable tales.

Which science fiction writer are you?

Honestly, I’d’ve been devastated had it been anyone else. :)


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  1. jayteeone on

    I knew I wasn’t Asimov, and I am very happy with that I am one of my fave SciFi writers, but I thought I would more likely be PKD (Phillip K Dick for the uninitiated).

    I am:

    William Gibson

    The chief instigator of the “cyberpunk” wave of the 1980s, his razzle-dazzle futuristic intrigues were, for a while, the most imitated work in science fiction.

    Which science fiction writer are you?

  2. surakofb5 on

    I came back as Gregory Benford. Whose writing I like, and he’s a working scientist so it fits, but I was really hoping for Arthur C. Clarke. The funny thing is, the results page says Benford took the quiz and it told *him* he was Clark. :)

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