Woot, holiday.

I have already become rather fond of ‘s usage of $DECEMBERHOLIDAY to denote whatever folks are celebrating this time of year, so that will become standard in this journal, methinks.

At work. Feh. I may get deviated (sent home early); kinda hope I do, even though it means unpaid time off. and I are expected at Mom and Dad’s by four. My older niece has asked for (and at last report is getting) a guitar this year—I’ve gotten her chord and fingering flash cards in the shape of a guitar neck so she can practice the fingering on them.

My sister reports that said niece is working on a novel(!) and has writing skills that blow her teacher’s mind. I sense the guiding hand of her musical and fannish uncle is needed here. XD She’s a heavy-duty Potterphile, so it shouldn’t be too hard to edge her toward Lewis, and Tolkien, and thence to MZB, Stasheff and Eddings and perhaps across to SF somewhere along the way. Fingers, toes and pseudopodia crossed. She’s got the mindset to be a fan, that’s sure.



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  1. kissmythistle on


    Ooooh, I remember those days. There was, of course, no Potter back then, so I started with Lewis (didn’t like Tolkien at first, ah well), and got into SF via my sixth-grade teacher, who had a small library in the classroom for our extra reading pleasure. It was heavy on the Golden and Silver Age of SF, and I started with the short-story anthologies. (They are still some of my favorites….my favorite author at the time was Robert Sheckley.)

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      Re: Fan-in-training

      ‘Twas my dad that got me hooked on SF, mainly by being a reader himself. The magazines were always around, somehow or another I got my hands on a copy of ‘I, Robot’ or some such, and that was that. I still love the golden age stuff best. It’s more pompous sometimes, but far less pretentious than the modern stuff.

  2. jayteeone on

    Don’t forget Zelazny, Spider Robinson, or PKD, and as much as you may distain the quibblings of our fellow alum, Stephen R Donaldson, he does write a fairly decent story.

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      Ai, Zelazny! How could I have forgotten? And hopefully, I can edge her along towards Brunner and Asimov, too. :)

      As for SRD… I respectfully, but forcibly, disagree.

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