A bit more than I can handle right now

My grandma passed away yesterday morning; when we saw her on Christmas, she looked great. Apparently, she just collapsed, and that was pretty much it… we don’t have a schedule for the service yet because she left her body to the local medical college–we might not even get the ashes back until April. By then. I wouldn’t be surprised if Grandpa is gone, too. It hit him really hard. When my other grandmother died, Grandpa followed three months later.

I went out to my car this morning, and some motherfucking little punk bastard who, if I catch, is going to get a nine iron to the forehead, smashed in my rear window so he could steal my knitting. Fucked up the lock on the driver’s door, too. Yeah. Like I have money coming out of my ass to pay for fucking horseshit like this. This means all the stuff I’ve done on gmhelwig‘s afghan, everything I’ve done on my afghan, the gloves I was working on, and the very pink and lacy surprise for ataniell93 are all just fucking gone, along with goddamn near every fucking needle I own.

And people wonder why I’m an atheist. If there were a god, I’d expect some answers right fucking now.

Shit, I know that bad things happen for no reason, but why am I, who, I submit, is a fundamentally good and decent person, always getting fucking dogpiled on?

I’ve fucking had it. I’d welcome getting hit by lightning and just getting it over with.


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  1. filkertom on

    Aw, man. So sorry about your grandmother — hugs and condolences to you and your family. And, jeez, what bullshit. So, so sorry.

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      What’s surprising is that she looked fantastic on Christmas. At two weeks shy of 93, it’s hard to say that it came as a shock… but it did anyway. Grandpa is holding up as well as can be expected, but he’s known Grandma since they were high school freshmen, back in 1929–they celebrated their 70th anniversary earlier this year.

      I talked to my dad a few minutes ago and feel a little better… he couldn’t help but laugh to hear that the only thing stolen was my knitting, when there was a satellite radio in the front seat, unprotected–and he’s right. It is funny. But it sure wasn’t this morning when I went out and first surveyed the damage. I’m most pissed off about the afghans, and the scarf for . I can replace the needles and the yarn (mostly, anyway), but I can’t replace the work done.

      Mom says, though, that she still has Great-Grandma’s needles and will find them for me. I’m almost afraid to touch those… it’s an “I’m not worthy! I’m not worthy!” thing. :)

      • ataniell93 on

        *hugs* ♥ ♥ ♥

        I’m sure I would have loved it and I love anyway that you took the time.

        I will never understand some people. I don’t think I have ever told you this, but a month or two after we moved to the Mission district, some asshole broke into Vince’s car and shattered a window and they took an old stereo, some Canto-pop CDs and our stuffed pigs. We met in the year of the pig and we had a Porco Rosso for him and a Tonde Buurin for me hanging from the rear-view mirror.

        They ignored a number of other rather expensive items on account of not knowing what they were. Sadly I cannot remember what. But evil is everywhere, man.

      • ataniell93 on

        Re the shock, it sure shocks ME.

        • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

          She looked great Sunday. I mean, sure, a little slow like anyone 92 years old would be, but great. It was so completely out of the blue, it was redshifted clear down to at least green.

      • filkertom on

        Take the needles. She used them with love, and so will you. The small things I have from my family are the ones that mean the most — my uncle’s Masonic ring, a favorite crystal of my grandmother’s, my grandfather’s harmonica.

  2. gmhelwig on

    Knitting? .. Folks will steal anything. We’ll buy more yarn, and I’ll help you get some more needles too.

    And for your grandma, here’s some hugs from me.

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      Well, they just grabbed that blue satchel you gave me, probably assuming there was something rather more valuable than yarn and needles in there. I would’ve liked to see the look on his face when he opened it… :)

      • johnpalmer on

        I’ve often wondered the same things about my case of sex toys… if someone stole it, it would be a major financial hit for me, but it would hold very little value to anyone who isn’t into the same specfic types of BDSM-play that I am.

        What is your financial situation like? If a hundred bucks or so would make your situation a lot smoother, I’m temporarily flush.

  3. soundwave106 on

    Sorry to hear about all the shit going on. :(

  4. surakofb5 on

    I’m so sorry about your grandmother. My condolences.

    As for the car, have you filed a police report yet? Since you can’t really sell knitting to a fence or pawnshop, it may get dumped somewhere nearby. You never know, stranger things have happened.

  5. johnpalmer on

    I think it’s always rough when family dies, but doubly so when it’s sudden. I’m so sorry…

  6. nsingman on

    Our condolences on your grandmother’s passing.

    As for the scum who robbed you, I wish only justice.

  7. webpuppy on

    Man that sucks on All accounts. Sorry it’s been such a rough few days for ya.
    You guys still interested in dinner? I have gifts for the both of ya if you are. Rey will have to work but I’m still free.

  8. ratmmjess on

    I’m really sorry for your loss.

  9. crystalgee on

    I am so sorry to hear about your grandmother *hugs*

    Sorry to hear about that scumbag who stole your knitting as well. That does make me go WTF

  10. jayteeone on

    I wish I knew what to say. I don’t understand, and there are many things I don’t understand. Your Grandmother’s death out of the clear blue hurts a lot, and I’m sorry. As for the asshole that stole your knitting it only makes sense in my absurd view of the world. He saw, and I do believe it to be a he, no clue why, the loving acts of creations being brought about and envied them so much he had to have them because there is no love in his life. Unfortunately being the ass that he is he does not realize that the consequences of his actions bring others anguish and distress. He transfered the pain of his loveless life to you, becuase he a selfish bastard and only regarded his own pain. Either that or I’m so full bullshit that I don’t know any other way to explain it. We as flawed, bent, and pathetic human beings end up transferring to others the very thing that afflicts us, and in doing so we don’t really find relief from our affliction we just pass it on to others, kind of like germs, only they are mind sets and emotions, and grief causing situations.

    You are my friend and I empathize with your sorrow, and bitterness, and if I could take it from you I would in a heart beat. Know that you are in my thoughts, and yes my prayers, for you are my friend.

  11. billfl on

    I’m very sorry about your grandmother, Rev. My sincerest sympathies on your loss.

    As for the knitting – all I can say is that humans are very strange and inexplicable beings.

    • janis_and_co on

      I’m so sorry about your Grandmother. My Sympathy to you & yours. As for your knitting, that requires a WTF.
      If there is anything I can do to help, Lemme know.

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