A little perspective

My roommate returned from the holidays with his laserdisc player, which is a good thing, because predicated on him doing that, I bought the laserdisc edition of Babylon 5: Objects at Rest/Sleeping in Light–the final two episodes of the series.

Only after actually hitting ‘play’ on “Sleeping in Light” did it occur to me that the themes of death and farewells might not be what I needed right now, given recent events.

As usual, JMS proved me wrong.

Sheridan slipped off alone and without farewells so that his friends’ last memory of him would be a happy one.

My last memory of Grandma is of her having a grand time at Christmas. Not at all a bad way to be remembered.

Perspective gained. Thanks, Joe. I actually do feel a little better now.

Meanwhile, that Half Price Books has most of the other B5 two episode laserdiscs at five bucks a pop. I think I can spring for one for myself once a paycheck. :)


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  1. argh_jim on

    I’m glad JMS came to the rescue … but they released B5 in LASERDISC??? I had thought the format pretty much dead by the time the show ended its run. I guess not?

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      All the way through the end of the series, yup… although to my surprise, they’re full-frame, not the original format of 1.78:1.

      • argh_jim on

        The first run of the first couple of seasons were broadcast full-frame. I can’t remember if they were showing the wide-screen versions by the time the show ended.

  2. surakofb5 on

    Laserdisk? The thing that looks like a CD blown up to a 33 1/3? I thought those were *looong* gone.

    I still can’t watch Sleeping in Light without sobbing. But JMS does put things into perspective. “Whatever it is, it can’t be that bad!”

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      Yeah, a 331/3 sized CD with the hole of a 45. It only holds about an hour per side–LD is an uncompressed format.

      And yeah, I was blubbering away several times during that episode. Who says science fiction is sterile and emotionless?

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