Still lurking about…

(please feel free to say the above in a battered Daffy Duck voice)

Nothin’ much to say lately, so I haven’t said anything. Feeling just kinda run down and out of sorts, not especially looking forward to the memorial service for Grandma this weekend, but only because that means I have to actually say goodbye: while I’m still here and haven’t actually gone back to Toledo and seen her not be there any more (hope that parses… you know what I mean, I think), it’s still a little not-real. I’m mostly afraid of what condition Grandpa will be in. Mom and Dad will probably move him in with them, like they did my other grandpa when my other grandma died. I know they’re trying to talk him into it, but there’s a certain stubborn pride that runs through that whole side of the family and crops up at the most inopportune times. I’ve shown it before, I know. I think he’ll probably move in with them, because he really can’t manage himself anymore, and the house is far too quiet. Fingers crossed.


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