This one stings.

I’m only just learning now that Robert Anton Wilson left to explore other realities a week ago today. His own final post to his blog came but five days before.

I had the great good fortune to meet him twice and see him a third time–met at the dedication of a Lilly tank at ACE headquarters in Cleveland, met later at Starwood V in the hills of southeast Ohio, then saw him (with Bob Shea, Philip José Farmer and Dr Timothy Leary) give a panel at Chicon V. And he was never anything but delightfully, entertainingly cantankerous, in a cherubic way. My first impression on seeing him was “This man can NOT be responsible for the Illuminatus trilogy!” Then he spoke, and all doubt was wiped away. This was The Man, in audible capitals.

23 skidoo, RAW.

And fnord.


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