Is my hair getting pointy?

Just got email from my manager that my application to be a Performance Manager has been submitted.

There are twelve openings.

Last I heard, they didn’t even have twelve applicants yet.

Granted, I have very little management experience. The last time I was made a manager, I told them not to make me one, because I wanted to keep my hands on the machines. But I know call centers inside and out, and I just don’t really have the temperament any more to take calls, at least from the general public. In-house call centers, we’re all cow-orkers and have to be nice. These people are friggin’ idiots.

True call from two nights ago…

He: “So, like, I’m not sayin’ the stuff on these sites are illegal or anything, but do you block certain websites?”

Me: “No…”

He: “‘Cause I know China does.”

Me: “Sir, we’re not China.”

Yeah. I gotta get off phones.


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