Why computers will never replace writers.

Rough Time in Rippey County, a one minute movie made in The Movies, a game that I have to get now. You pick the talent and the type of film, the computer writes the script. At about the 50 second mark, this little movie gets… weird.


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  1. equinoxx on

    Yes, The Movies is quite the entertaining little time-sink. However, just to clear a couple of things up, while you can allow the AI to “script” your movie, you don’t have to. Essentially, the way it works is that there is a finite number of sets available in the game (and its expansion pack “Stunts and Effects”), and each set has a given number of shots, actions, etc. associated with it. If you allow the game to generate a script, it will randomly select scenes/costumes/music based on the sets available on your backlot.

    However, you can forego the AI screenwriters and construct your own narrative from available elements. There’s been some fairly impressive stuff done using The Movies, and the largest gallery for these is the game’s official site.

    (I don’t count myself among the impressives, but there are a couple of examples of things I’ve put together online in my studio.)

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