Finally saw Torchwood.


My, what the Brits show on TV after 9 is rather different from what we show…


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  1. argh_jim on

    Just a WEE bit!

    But it’s a rockin’ show, yeah?

  2. ataniell93 on

    Alas, I am really disappointed in TW. They need you or me to continuity edit for them badly.

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      Well, I’ve only seen the first two so far… and so far, I’m lovin’ it. We’ll see where they go from here. I thought I was gonna die at Jack’s “He came and went?” line in ‘Day One’. He’s the best of Mulder and Scully in one body. :)

    • argh_jim on

      Really? No doubt you are talented enough to improve it, but I really haven’t had a continuity problem as a viewer.

  3. chilayse on

    Torchwood was recommended to me by a friend who has similar taste to me, and it was the only reason I followed another friend’s suggestion to watch the latest Doctor Who tv shows.

    Torchwood IS set up for a season 2 later this year.

  4. qthewetsprocket on

    My, what the Brits show on TV after 9 is rather different from what we show…

    isn’t it, though? i vividly recall the very first time i switched on one of the bbc stations post-watershed and heard the f-word. as i’ve said before, they have a much better idea about censorship than we do: ban the violence, but have all the sex and swearing you could ever want.

    and torchwood failed to live up to its considerable potential for me, but was still a damn fine show, and that means there’s lots of room still to explore in future seasons. yay s2!

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      Yeah, I heard the f-bomb once or twice during the pilot, and of course there was the second episode… Jack’s “He came and went?” line would NOT have flown on American TV. :)

      Torchwood has the handicap of its own hig potential. It’s the first serious spinoff of Doctor Who, which gives it a pedigree… and means that people had expectations of it before the first episode even aired. It’s really the kind of show that’s going to need a season or two to find its own way–hopefully, it’ll get the time to do so.

      • qthewetsprocket on

        yeah, that was exactly the thing that was so hard to remember – it was a *brand new show*. compared with the first season of most shows, torchwood comes off brilliantly…we just wanted it to be even better because it was dr who’s baby.

        anyway, i’l be interested to see what you think of the later episodes…particularly the dynamic between jack and ianto, and the characterization of rose tyler, i mean, gwen cooper.

        • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

          Gwen is okay so far; I haven’t got a handle on what I think of the other Torchwooders, other than Jack himself. But I’ll give it time. I know the outline of events over the first season–I don’t go out of my way to avoid or find out spoilers, so it’s piecemeal, and I’ll wait to be surprised to see *how* they do some of the things that I know are coming.

  5. dragonscholar on

    If it ever comes over to America, episode 2 will make the editors shit. At best, it’d be 10 PM on sci-fi, unless it did BBCA.

    I enjoy it a lot. Have to watch the last 3 eps myself.

    Wait until Episode 5. HOLY SHIT.

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