That’s it, that’s absolutely fucking it. I have HAD IT. One more fucking thing goes wrong, I don’t care how minor it is, I’m starting smoking again because I can NOT FUCKING DEAL WITH ANY MORE SHIT WITHOUT SOME SORT OF CHEMICAL ASSISTANCE.

DVD burner died for no fucking reason. Like I can afford to replace it. My job pays shit, I’m about to get sued by a creditor who has been absolutely invisible for the last five years and which will probably drive me to bankruptcy (which I can’t really afford the lawyer fees for anyway so I don’t even know where that money is coming from), some stupid fucker hits my car, eight of the twelve promotions that I had applied for vanished probably taking my chances of getting one with them, never mind the funeral and car breakin last month… I’ve fucking had it. No more. Absolutely no more. I’m about ready to just have myself committed somewhere, because I’m not only at my limit, I’m past it.

For the moment, I’m crawling inside a bottle and staying there until it’s time to go back to work Saturday night. Just… fuck.


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  1. jungle_goddess on


  2. chilayse on

    Check your states laws. Several creditors will try to go after you after the time they can. It’s only like 5 years here that they can go after you, then they can’t make you pay anything. Some of them even sell the accounts to collection companies at a low price and those secondary companies will make you think you have to pay. Which is false.

  3. dragonscholar on

    I hope things work out. I do how that the delay in contacting you lets you shaft that credit company.

  4. thattallguy201 on

    Sometimes escape *is* the appropriate response. I hope things improve.

  5. tharain on

    Know the feeling,buddy, know the feeling. Every day here at work.

    ::tosses the cigs pack::

    Just don’t *light* it.

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      *tosses ’em back before his willpower gives out* The only thing I light anymore is a little hurricane lamp I use for ambience. :)

  6. jayteeone on

    Put down the God damned cigarettes and back away!!!!!

    Okay life really sucks right now, but don’t punish yourself further by adding that unhealthy horrible habit to the mix. I hope you have a decent bottle of scotch to crawl into.

    If there is anything I can do let me know.

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      Actually, a cheap bottle of whiskey–coincidentally (or not), Ed Wood’s favorite brand.

      Better now. I needed a good venting.

  7. johnpalmer on

    What do you need in a DVD burner? IIRC, they’re pretty cheap. If you can find one under $50 on Amazon, send me your shipping address. I just got back over a grand and a half from Uncle Sam.

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      Yeah, I know they’re cheap anymore. It’s not really so much the expense as it is the frustration over ALL this shit all coming down at once. Thanks for the offer, tho. I’m gonna set aside for a Lightscribe drive; Best Buy had ’em for $80, and I should be able to beat that price somewhere.

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