Fuck Me February continues.

My driver’s side tire blew out–literally–while driving to get some lunch this morning. I hobbled it into a closed Speedway and pulled the donut and jack out of the trunk.

The lug wrench and the lug nuts are different sizes. I can’t change it myself.

I called AAA (thank you for the subscription, Mom!).

My cell phone battery died before a real human could pick up.

I put 50 cents into the pay phone.

It ate the quarters and wouldn’t place the call.

The operator put my call through anyway and I got a real person.

Because of the weather, there’s a 480 minute–eight hour–window. So, some time between 430 am and 1230 pm.

I have enough battery life to call work and have someone come get me. I end up limping the car back to the office so I can actually be there when AAA does show up (whenever that will be), and call them when I get in to let them know the car’s been moved. They tell me someone’s on the way already (hallelujah!) and within 45 minutes, there’s a roadside rep there who jacks the car up and yanks the old tire off. There is a hole the size of a half-dollar blown out of the side.

Then we discover the spare doesn’t fit.

It’s going to be up to an eight hour wait for a tow.

The only place open today (Sunday) is NTB, and not until 9am. Fortunately, it’ll only hurt me for about $50 for a new tire, mounting and balancing. Hopefully. Not that I actually can afford it, but it’s better than $80 or $100.


EDIT: Of course, they didn’t have the tire they showed online. So it cost me seventy dollars that I can’t spare, instead of fifty that I can’t spare.


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  1. argh_jim on

    You know, if this were a TV show or a movie, I’d write it off as unrealistic.

    Just HOW many innocents did you slaughter in a previous life??? Geez, man. I’m sorry to hear about all of this.

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      Nothing is as unbelievable as real life.

      I don’t even want to talk to my mom, because she’d tell me it’s because I don’t go to church. So I should believe in someone so petty that they’d put me through all this shit? No, thanks. My understanding of divinity, were it to exist, would be above childish lashing out like this.

      • avon_deer on

        We have a saying in the N.H.S.:

        “You couldn’t write it!”

        It seems to be a metaphor for life in general.

        • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

          Well, I’m self-medicating with spiked coffee and a nearly complete collection of Goon Show MP3s. It’s not solving anything, but I feel better.

      • argh_jim on

        On the other hand, it IS consistent with the rest of the Bible. He’s not a “if you worship, worship Me” kind of God. More of a “worship Me or else” deity.

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