And so, my long, slow slide into total misanthropy is complete.

It’s been a slow night. One call so far. But what a doozy. The woman starts off with a litany of her latest legal action against her (presumably ex-)husband, who she claims has been hacking her phone and her computer, and who knows what all else, and then gives me a billing question, which I answer as best as I can, but then refer her to the billing department because I really don’t and can’t answer billing questions.

She wigs out. I mean, she starts freaking out and yelling about how her (presumably ex-)husband had stolen $2.5 million from her and convinced her and her kids that her four years of chemo was actually an attempt to poison her and tried to kill her himself and I don’t know what all else and she hangs up sobbing because I asked her to talk to billing where they could, oh, answer her question correctly.

And all I could think, to the dial tone, was “No wonder he wanted to kill you.”

I now miss the Cold War and the perpetual threat of nuclear armageddon, because I have officially given up on this species. Time to give the roaches a turn.


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  1. chilayse on

    There’s no excuse for that kind of behavior. I can see why he wanted to kill her too, if that even is the case and she’s not hallucinating that or something.

    • afeldspar on

      I’d be very very surprised if she wasn’t hallucinating.

      • chilayse on

        …I make it a point never to guess whether people are capable of being as strange as they claim to be, or their lives are as strange as they claim them to be…

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