Chock full of dollar-y goodness!

Got my hands on some of the new Presidential Dollar coins today–so far, the only one out is Washington, and around here, the only ones we’ll see for a while are the Phillies. A few discoveries, though…

  1. The edge lettering is not registered–it has no particular rotation around the rim.
  2. It also has no particular ‘side’–it can be upright relative to either the obverse or the reverse. It remains to be see whether it’s a close 50-50 mix, or if one will prove to be more uncommon.
  3. Unlike the Sacagawea dollars, the layers of the metals on the edge are subtler, and on some coin invisible entirely. The effect is quite nice, true “golden” dollars. Fresh from the bank, they have incredible lustre.

Can’t wait to get the proofs. :)


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  1. argh_jim on

    Shall I put you down on a pre-order for a large sack of George W. Bush dollars?

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      See, here’s the thing: there will only be Dumbass dollars if he’s been dead for two years by the time his coin would be issued. And I’m long since on the record as favoring a long life for him, so he can see history judge him harshly. :)

      • argh_jim on

        Sounds like a plan.

        • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

          I believe in justice… which is oft-times infinitely more painful than mere revenge. ;)

          • johnpalmer on

            I have a hard time believing in “justice” for Bush. That would require accepting that a foreign power would capture an ex-President, use “enhanced interrogation techniques” on him, and deny him any form of due process.

            • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

              Doing it to him is no more right than him doing it to others, so I’m going to have to disagree there.

              • johnpalmer on

                Well… I was speaking kinda-jokingly, kinda-metaphorically. And remember, I said I had a hard time hoping for it :-).

                Think “there’s a special circle of hell for those who were bad national leaders, and in that circle of hell, they suffer the injustices they caused. For George W. Bush, this is what would happen.”

                No, I’m not saying it would be right for a human agency to make the decision to treat him that way. (Nor am I suggesting that there’s a divine agency who could or should treat him this way.) I’m saying, essentially, if karma were the “tit for tat” that people think it is, this is what *would* happen to him.

                Thus, I hope he gets better than he deserves.

                In fact, I hope he gets an grossly unjust arrest – arrested only after a warrant is made after a grand jury returns an indictment based upon strong evidence – and an even more unjust trial – all of the protections of the US justice system, with people bending over backwards to make sure his trial is fair – and a horrendously unjust sentence (confinement in a safe, comfortable prison)… it would be (in my opinion) unjust, because he deserves worse than that. But, it’s what we should demand of ourselves, not what he deserves, that should guide us.

      • thattallguy201 on

        > so he can see history judge him harshly.

        I think you have entirely too high an opinion of how engaged he is with “history.”

        What makes you think Bubble-Boy will be any different out of office than he was in office?

        Frankly, I’d just as soon have him dead sooner. Otherwise he has the potential to be as negative in world affairs as Carter has been positive.

        • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

          It’ll be enough for him to sit there and whine about how everyone hates him and he just can’t understand why. Whether he ever has any awareness of just how much of a disaster he’s been for this country and this planet, I don’t know.

          • thattallguy201 on

            Sorry, just gonna disagree with you on this one. If he can’t understand why, there is no value in it just like there’s no value in tormenting a puppy hours after the mess is made. Even if he *could* understand why, I don’t see that the despair and angst he would experience would in any measure atone for what he’s done to the country and the world — the concepts of “drop” and “ocean” apply best. While it would in some small measure be satisfying to see him commit suicide in a jail cell, the only measure that would be enough for me would be a window into the little flaming bubble of his eternal damnation.

  2. billfl on

    Can’t wait to get the proofs.


    Sorry. A little. 8-]

    I need to go pick up some of these too. I can’t wait to see if the John Adams dollars favor William Daniels.

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      I’m looking forward to the Jeffersons, Jacksons, Teddy and Franklin Roosevelts and Trumans, m’self.

      And never apologize for a pun. :)

      • billfl on

        I went to the bank at lunch and asked for some. The teller there said they weren’t ordering any because you had to order so many at once.

        I’ll try another bank later and see hwo I do there.

  3. cashewlou on

    I went to over a dozen banks down here, and most of them hadn’t even heard of the new Presidential Dollar series. The local post office had heard of them, at least, but didn’t have any. So I went and ordered some from my favorite online coin shop–and the album to put them in.

    Hopefully I will get mine this weekend, or early next week.

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      The Chase on 5th out by Giant Eagle was able to tell me exactly when they would be getting them (this past Wednesday on Washington’s birthday). I’m a little surprised that none of the banks down there are even aware of the program.

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