Things that make you go o/` hmmmmm… o/`

I have a very musical brain.

I have hundreds of Grateful Dead songs and a couple entire concerts floating around up there, scores of Bach pieces from inventions to fugues to entire concerti, whole albums by Benny Goodman and the Beatles and Frank Zappa, three different arrangements of Pictures at an Exhibition (Mussorgsky’s four-hand piano, St.-Saëns symphonic, and Emerson Lake and Palmer’s rock versions), and thousands of individual songs running the whole gamut from Dr. Demento to Dr. John, Sex Pistols to Steely Dan, Tom Smith to Tom Jones.

So why in the name of Donna Jean Godchaux am I walking down the steps at work today, singing to myself, o/` Hot dogs! Armour hot dogs!… o/`


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  1. janis_and_co on

    I have several theories as to why this may be. None of them are pretty.

  2. bizarra on

    LOL I do that too. You KNOW my musical tastes and collection… and I find myself singing things like My balogna has a first name, its OSCAR…..

    Bahh and it won’t…. go… away. then there’s Katamari on the Swing…

    • The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on

      Oh jeez, the entire Katamari soundtrack is one big earworm!

      • bizarra on

        Yes… sometimes when we’re riding in the car, will start humming, La la… lalalala, la la, lalala to wit, I reply.. “Earth Worm Jim…” heh. And he usually responds with, “He triied to kill me with a forklift.”

        Yes.. we’ve actually had earworm arguments. LOL

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